I am interested in no-fuss, low maintenance natural-based designs. My specialty is to create ash color with minimal orange and/or red hues and soft perm styles.

If you are looking for a change in image, look no further as I will help you in your quest for a new look!

My Instagram @daisuke_sg is regularly updated with my customers’ pictures. Do take a look!



My speciality is in creating a modernized yet mature image by focusing on the techniques of hair coloring. Leave it to me to create 3D highlights with natural-looking contrast while minimizing the damage to your hair. If you have any concerns about caring for your hair at home, or how to style your hair, I am more than delighted to share with you tips and tricks to maintain your hair design efficiency. Through our conversations, I will create a stylist look that is uniquely yours. 





My forte lies in the creation of natural and elegant styles. I have a great interest in clothing coordination, make-up, and hair-setting! While it may be difficult to find places to do all three in Singapore, you can count on me! I am always open for consultations.

On a side note, my favorite Singaporean food happens to be Laksa!