Our Core Values: Gratitude, Your Smile, Peace of Mind, Safety, To Transcend.

Gratitude – People, things, happenings, opportunities. There is just so much that we are blessed by and grateful for.

Your Smile – Nothing beats being able to bring a smile to your face. Your smile becomes the energy that fuels our drive to continue giving our best.

Peace of Mind – Each and every one of our stylists have over 10 years of experience under their belt and seek nothing but your utmost satisfaction. We first ask, “What kind of person would you like to be,” and only after we understand that completely do we go on to “What kind of style should we create to achieve that.”

Safety – All the products we bring in are meticulously selected after serious consideration of your hair and scalp health. You can put your faith in the Japanese brands that we have to offer.

To Transcend – To be unhindered by inflexibility, to go beyond past ways of thinking and outdated philosophies, and to grow with you in the creation of a ‘new you’.

In order to continue bringing delight to as many as possible, our salon and our stylists will strive harder everyday to keep growing and evolving.

Welcome home!

– Bump River Valley




感謝 人.物.事.時に有りがたみを実感し表現する

笑顔 携わる人を笑顔にすること、それが私達のエネルギー

安心 スタイリスト全員が10年以上の経験を持ち希望に答えられるまで追求し、まずあなたが「どんな人でありたいのか」をよく理解してから、「その為にはどんなスタイルをつくるか」をイメージします

安全 すべての商品がスタイリスト自らお客様の髪.頭皮.健康を考え厳選したJapanブランド使用

越える 今までの考えや主義にとらわれず今日より明日にと、お客様と共に変化し新しい自分を創り出す


Bump River Valley